Waking Up Young People

A respectful, loving and safe environment for a young person’s self-exploration and growth.

In a nutshell

  • What: The Waking Up Young People is a 10-day residential programme for young people aged 6 to 13 years old that focuses on nurturing their abilities to communicate, work together in a team, become assertive, responsible, feel empowered and overcome personal fears and prejudices.
  • It allows young people to reconnect with the excitement and optimism about life that they are all too often deprived of in today’s world. The Waking Up Young People provides them with the skills and practical knowledge to set them in good stead for the rest of their lives. They are gently guided and supported through a journey of personal responsibility and discovery.
  • The Waking Up Young People programme allows young people to reconnect with nature, and the energising and often fascinating natural world. There’s a playful focus on embracing the sensory world, games and interactions rather than mobile phones. Most participants leave the programme feeling energised, confident, joyful and inquisitive about nature, the wider world and their relationships with other people.
  • How: The successful methodology of the Waking Up Young People has been used to great acclaim, by thousands of people over the past three decades. This programme has been adapted from the Waking Up Weekend to create a custom event for young people.
  • Participants receive the kind of philosophical guidance that doesn’t get taught in schools, which is essential to develop as a happy and fulfilled human being.
  • During the final three days of the Waking Up Young People, parents and/or guardians join their children to focus on establishing and nurturing strong family bonds together.
  • Participants: Young people aged 6-13 years old are led by experienced Waking Up Weekend facilitators and educators.
  • Where: USA
  • The Cost: View the schedule
  • Pre-requisites: At least one parent and/or guardian of the child must have completed the Waking Up Weekend event.