The Completion Series

We are excited to announce The Completion Series which will include graduates from both Australia and the USA. Watch the video below for an intro from Luis and some of the benefits that recent participants have received.

In a nutshell

In the Waking Up Weekend, we talk about being a victim and the consequences of that. It can seem as if life is happening to you and that you are at the effect of events. In the Completion Series, you have the time to examine this in a systematic, structured way and to see clearly how this affects you personally. By its completion, you have a journal which sets out not only the goals you have in life but also how you can get there. It will be very powerful to be there – it’s like going to evening class. The subject is you, your life and what you want to do with it!

When How The Cost To Register
US Starts January 23 Zoom USD$50 Register
Australia Starts January 24 Zoom AUD$75 Register
Sweden Starts January 12 Zoom SEK 500:- Register
UK Starts January 20 Zoom GBP£40 Register