Do I have to participate? I’m a very private person and don’t like to speak out in groups.

Nobody who comes to the Waking Up Weekend is made to do anything they don’t want to do. Although participation is encouraged in order to get the most of out of the Waking Up Weekend, the sensitive, compassionate and supportive space that we create, is very conducive to participation. In fact, you may find yourself breaching your self-imposed rule of non-participation after a few hours at the Waking Up Weekend – it’s lovely like that.

I’m currently seeing a psychotherapist. Will the Waking Up Weekend interfere with my therapy?

The open and inclusive experience of the Waking Up Weekend draws upon philosophical ideas in order for you to understand yourself better. If anything, the experience of coming to an event will speed up the therapy that you are undergoing, as you will gain a deeper understanding of your true, authentic self.

I am very religious and am wondering what relationship does the Waking Up Weekend have to organised religion?

The Waking Up Weekend and our other programmes are not affiliated with any religious beliefs, doctrines or religious dogma of any kind. We offer a secular, compassionate and accepting space in which to explore yourself. Many practising Buddhist monks, Jewish rabbis, Christian nuns and priests, and devout Muslims have participated in the Waking Up Weekend and found it refreshes and augments their own relationship to their chosen deity or deities.

What if I don’t like what I find out about myself? There are some things I may not want to know.

With the courage and commitment to really see yourself, you can begin a powerful journey of self-discovery. The Waking Up Weekend programme gives you a respectful, safe and loving space for self-exploration. We encourage you to open yourself up to finding out all about who you really are, you will be coming home to the essence of who you truly are.

Why can’t I examine life by myself? I read a lot, constantly discover more and more about myself, and am constantly growing.

Self-discovery is an iterative, ongoing process and one that’s best served by constantly gaining knowledge from all directions. The point of difference is that the Waking Up Weekend offers you tools to put this philosophical knowledge into practice through experiential and real world scenarios that enable you to tackle challenges in a tangible and practical way.

My life is already working. Should I still attend the Waking Up Weekend?

The philosophical underpinning of the Waking Up Weekend is that people are already perfect the way they are. That everybody inherently has the in-built capacity to make their lives great and to be happy. The Waking Up Weekend is a toolkit to draw from, to augment and further expand your successful life. You will also learn how to compassionately analyse yourself, so that you become a fuller and more authentic version of who you really are.

How does Waking Up Weekend differ from other personal development seminars on the market?

Yes there is a multitude of personal development and self-empowerment seminars out there. Each one provides a unique and insightful set of tools that will assist you in life. Personal growth and personal choice is a great thing and enables you to dip your toes in many different oceans simultaneously. We don’t claim that our approach is the only way that you will find helpful solutions for your life. However, we know that you will gain immense value from the Waking Up Weekend.

You will find that our events are some of the most reasonably priced available.

However, we put our money where our mouth is – you can ask for a full refund after the programme, if you don’t find you have received any value.

What if I’ve never participated in a growth experience before?

We have people of all walks and stages of life coming to the Waking Up Weekend. We don’t ask that you have any qualifications in terms of previous experience. Come as you are!