Empower Your Intention

This valuable online seminar is all about how we manifest being the source of our experience – how we actually create the results we desire. The focus is on how to do it, sharing new perspectives and strategies to transform your mind, emotions, and behaviors so that you create – and maintain – the results you want in life.

We’ll learn, practice, and work together throughout 6 weeks to provide the support needed for deep, lasting change.
Here’s what some participants who have done the seminar have shared:

“I have learned with clear ideas and actions how to do what the title of the seminar says. The atomic actions and exercises have been genuinely game-changing for me. I am delighted to have done this work with my trusted friends from the experience and to be a part of how to make working on myself relevant to these times we are experiencing right now.” Jim

“By participating in the Empower Your Intention seminar I got in touch with my long-dormant creativity. The processes and information connected me to that part of myself that I had cut myself off from many years ago.” Valerie

“The seminar created the support community and information I needed to harness my intention. I had already been working on it a lot, including an atomic habit, but the supporting actions and sessions were so important.” Monica

If you want to go further on your journey towards manifesting your ideal self, life, and world . . . register now!

Here are the details:

Who: Graduates from the United States

Where: Zoom (There will be lots of activities – no Zoom fatigue here!)

When: 6 consecutive Wednesdays (6.30pm – 8.00pm CT), starting on February 15, 2023

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