About WUW

The Waking Up Weekend has been assisting people for over 40 years, giving tens of thousands of people all the tools they need for self-transformation.

The Waking Up Weekend has evolved and flourished over the decades. The original format was expanded to include new programmes: Waking Up Young People, Waking Up Graduate Intensive Training as well as several 1-day events. These events are held in the United Kingdom, United States, Sweden and Australia.

The Waking Up Weekend is both a retreat and a community network. It’s a warm and safe space where you will receive a wealth of practical information and experiential learning tools. The result you create is a clear roadmap for personal empowerment and self-awareness.

A community of like-minded people has blossomed across the world amongst our graduates. This network continue to support and assist each other on their life-long personal, professional and spiritual journeys.

The experienced facilitators of the Waking Up Weekend have been supporting and assisting people since 1977, leading around 30 events a year, worldwide. Our facilitators are on a mission to encourage people to stop waiting for the right moment and to have the courage to deep-dive into life.

In a nutshell

  • When: Takes place on a Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday to minimise impact on your busy life.
  • Waking Up Weekend works: The successful methodology has been used to great acclaim, by many people over several decades.
  • The people: A group of several dozen (sometimes over 100) people attend the Waking Up Weekend. They come from all walks of life and for a variety of reasons – a common element is a personal desire to learn more about themselves.
  • The sessions: The sessions are challenging, exciting, spontaneous and fun. The mood is open, sensitive, supportive and warm. They involve the exploration of emotions, memories and thoughts. Together with other people as well as by yourself, you will channel insights and generate a powerful, internal recognition of who you really are.
  • The Cost: View the schedule
  • Follow-up call: A few days after the Waking Up Weekend, you will get a follow-up call to reflect on the take-away wisdom from the event and to ask any questions you may have.
  • Waking Up Weekend Graduation: 10 days after the Waking Up Weekend you will then attend the Waking Up Weekend Graduation, where you can reflect on the insights you have gained in the company of other people who shared the Waking Up Weekend experience with you.