Return home to who you really are

The moulds, labels, signals and signs given to us throughout our lives about our jobs, relationships and duties end up shaping who we think we are. Also, there’s a constant reel of inner dialogue that plays in the background of our minds, informing us about who we are and who we ought to be. In the midst of this barrage of messaging, we sometimes lose sight of who we really are.

The Waking Up Weekend brings the real you out of hibernation

It’s not psychotherapy, intellectual theory, new-age spirituality or a religious movement. It’s not designed to change you into somebody you’re not. Instead it’s about going home to who you really are and waking up and coming out of hibernation. This is so you can expand yourself and live a more enriched and genuine version of your life.

The Waking Up Weekend will give you permission to be you – and all the light and shadow that this entails. Everyone has a right to respectfully express their own emotions: love, grief, vulnerability, sadness, joy. It’s all part of the many facets of being a living human being.

Becoming your true and authentic self is a revolutionary act of self-love.

Upcoming Events

Waking Up Weekend, Chicago, USA September 29-October 01, 2023

Waking Up Weekend, Stockholm, Sweden October 06-October 08, 2023

Waking Up Intensive Training, Stockholm, Sweden November 09-November 12, 2023

Waking Up Weekend, Bradford, UK November 17-November 19, 2023

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